What Does Hemp Have To Do With Ethics?

    When trying to understand why hemp should be grown and why it is an ethical choice for resources, let's first define what ethics are. Ethics are a form of philosophy that deals with morality. In morality, issues concerning what is morally right and wrong are addressed as a form of consciousness. Acting as an internal thought process that dictates the behaviors that are unique to each individual. Its application when applied to peoples lives help to influence societies and cultures all over the world.
    One of the key components that make hemp an ethical choice in utilitarian terms is because of its recognized form of a sustainable resource and the need for the world to use resources that do not contribute to pollution and deforestation. When it is used as a tool to reform our design principles for consumer goods we promote sustainability for our world and peoples. It's varied uses offer a multi-faceted solution just waiting to be embraced. Wit it's help, hemp can help the world heal.

              What is Environmental Ethics?

Environmental ethics is a type of  ethical philosophy  addresses the different forms of ethics with elaboration from including solely humans to including the non-human world. It draws information regarding a diverse range of topics exerts including law, sociology, theology, economics, ecology and geography.

There are many ethical decisions that human beings make with respect to the environment. For example:

  • Should we continue to clear cut forests unsustainably for the sake of resources?
  • Should we continue to pollute through our production of consumer goods without controlling the disposal methods?
  • Should we continue to make gasoline powered vehicles?
  • What environmental obligations do we need to keep for future generations?
  • Is it right for humans to knowingly cause the extinction of a species for the convenience of humanity?

    How Can You Support Hemp...And Why?

    Being a capitalist society means that our consumer choices are a way to promote different money making businesses. Not all businesses are in our best interest however and few think of ethics in their quest for profits. It becomes up to us as consumers to help guide the profit driven machines who are not concerned with the impact that their business is having on the environment and the people affected by their corporate exploitation and production. By buying products made from Hemp material, you make a vote with your dollar that relays the importance of the resourcel. With demand, more supply is needed, and it's popularity in businesses grow. Eventually, this will allow for its legalization. This is where new jobs open up for the growing, harvesting, and production of this valuable plant and progress towards helping the environment recover from its damage. Basing your choices in sound ethics is a way to help bring this planet back into balance.