With so many environmental problems facing our planet right now, I am wondering when America is going to get on board the Hemp Revolution? This is a great opportunity to create sustainable jobs that help with our environmental degradation and the current financial crisis. I say legalize Hemp! Obviously our founding fathers new it was a good thing because they grew it themselves.


Hello Everyone!  These are some topics to start off with...

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Sustainability is meeting the needs of the present without jeopardizing the needs of the future. 

Our finite amount of resources are being exhausted, and we must use renewable ones.  We owe it to our future. 

Kantian Ethics claims we can oly be held responsible for the things we can control. 

Humans have dominion over the world but are not entitled to destroy or ruin it.

Precautionary Principle

Triple Bottom Line

Regarding the U.S. Forest Service:  Outdoor recreation, timber, range, watershed, wildlife and fish purposes remain the primary legal mission of the Service, but in preactice, most of its activity today is concerned with timber production, harvesting and sales.